Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long strange trip to Florida.

Well, that was a jaunt. We left at 8:45 Sunday morning, stopping just for gas and leg stretching. Rocky got bored after a bit and tried to crawl into my lap. The phrase, “Are we there yet?” was clear in his eyes.

If G_d was my copilot, and Rocky was sidekick, then Bear McCreary was on morale duty. Except for the We are the Fallen CD in the first queue, it was all Battlestar. If not for traffic, I'd have made it to Macon just on BSG. Thanks to traffic I came into the hotel parking lot to the sweet sounds of Caprica.

Slept well once the room got to “Ohio Habittable” conditions (meaning turning the AC up to full blast). We launched about 9:00 Monday morning, and got gas at a Kroger's. Felt nostalgic. Krogers, Supercuts, GNC store all in one strip mall. Could have been Ohio. :-)

Then things went to hell. More construction as we left G_d forsaken Georgia (No, really. We should burn Atlanta every 10 years or so.) First, more construction. Then the rain. Gods above the rain! In addition to my MPG going to hell, I got all the cloud cover of Ohio, with all the heat and humidity of Florida. Rocky isn't happy with all the thunder.

Fortunately the rain seems to have broken. I have to run tomorrow morning to get Beggin Strips and maybe some benedryl for Rocky. At least now that I have the correct GPS in the phone I can find my way back.

I needed a couple of pairs of shorts, so we hunted down the local Big or Tall shop.  Sheryl picked up a couple of shirts for dad and paid for mine.  So of course when I ran to get dinner I paid for it.  Yes they'll be mad.  They'll live.

Even though I left the big camera at home, I hope to get some photos. If not here, then on the trip to the Space Coast and on the way home.

Enough for now, more tomorrow.