Friday, April 19, 2013

Wonder Woman III, fleshing out the cast

Making a show with a strong female lead is not as alien now as it was in the ‘70’s.  That said, lets start with some of the other cast.
Etta Kandi.  Etta is a ‘modern woman’.  She’s strong and military trained, but took a civilian position.  Why she left the military is something we can reveal later in the series.  She’s also a scholar.  She starts somewhat as the Scully of the group, always looking for a scientific reasoning for what happens.  She’s hard to nail down, as you want her to be a competent woman, but overshadowed by Diana in combat, and diplomacy.  She knows, for example, more languages and cultures than Diana, and is clearly going to be more technologically savy, but she’ll be overwhelmed by the things she can’t explain.  For another way of looking at her, think crossing Samantha Carter and Elizabeth Weir from Stargate, but without the experience of either.
Who would play her?  In my dream world, the lovely Kandyse McClure.  In addition to being the right age for a vet/up and coming diplomat, she deserves more exposure.

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