Sunday, November 25, 2012

Islanded in a sea of stars.

It’s been two years, and the holidays are still hard.  While cleaning today, I came across the card from the flowers my coworkers sent when Donna died.  I busted out crying.  It doesn’t make sense, we still live with memories of Donna all around me every day,  but this set me off.
A friend of the girls seems to be in a bad relationship.  It frustrates me.  You can have an abusive SOB who gets the girl, but I’m alone.
And it’s lonely at times.  Rocky just doesn’t cut it, and even though I’m surrounded by friends and family, I still feel alone.  It is hard to be with family even, Amber and Lisa have each other, Jama has Mike, Tim has Jen, etc.  So I feel the odd ogre out.
How do you cope?  We take things day by day, but some days are harder than others.  This is one of those days.
Lonliness sucks.

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